castle crush tips

Castle Crush Game Tips And Guides

Are you tired of playing clash of clans or clash royale? Do you need someting more interesting and more intense? Then it is time for you to try out the best new battle game of this year. Try out castle crush and it is my guarantee that you will never play any other game after playing this masterpiece.

There are best tips and tricks you should know about castle crush game which may help you playing it more effectively. There are very much similarities in clash royale and castle crush game. However, here are some effective tips and tricks for castle crush you should know.

Get Off To a Fast Start

Once it comes to beginner strategies in Castle Crush, the first thing to do is to pay careful attention to this tutorial. After that tutorial’s finished, the opponents you are going to need will be opponents, and since you might know from such games, individual players are a lot more unpredictable than artificial intelligence.

The very best method to improve your odds of beating these individual opponents is to return to a solid beginning. That usually means favoring a more offensive style of play, contrary to that which we advise players about protection being the best crime. You might perform a series of cards that your opponent isn’t ready for, and that is going to render them playing catch-up with one to get the entirety of this conflict. Momentum is key here, and once you throw your opponent off (hopefully) with the offensive fashion, you need to remain on the offensive, while introducing a few defensive motions to your picture. Check out some more castle crush cheats which may open the new doors of opportunities in the game for you. Several have proposed deploying a ton of troops to function as decoys, prior to sending in the higher-cost troops along with catching the opponent by surprise.

Utilize All Three Lanes

This is something which you most likely know if you’re a CCG/TCG veteran, however in the event you are not, we ought to remind you that using all 3 lanes is a fantastic approach to get off to a fantastic offensive beginning. Having more lanes insured means more for the opponent to be concerned about. Avoid making one lane seem more stacked than the other things out over all 3 lanes. You would not need a bomb getting rid of a lane, so because that may give the opposition a lot harder to operate with.

For the time being, these are our tips and tricks to get Castle Crush. Make certain to check back from time to time, as we will update this guide with additional hints in the future!


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