tracked game tips

Their goal has been located by the missiles, and they’re all locked on you! Tracked! Is an arcade game. From the developer game, your objective is to burst as many missiles as possible while you are all chased by them. To endure the onslaught of missiles, you’ll have to channel your spacecraft pilots. It requires a whole lot of foresight and ability into ramming into each other to tempt the missiles. You will have your abilities to help save you, although there are power-ups that you pick up. Coins to unlock skins, which means that you may fly in fashion. Continue dodging to make high scores and flying! Do not forget to browse our Tracked! Secrets and tips to learn ways to push your scores!

  1. Switch Missiles Into Gold

Missiles that burst will fall coins. However, wait till the missiles become gold if your desire to get coins. They’ll turn gold when they and you collide. Fly around and attempt to get as near them as you can. It is time to begin ramming them and observe your display burst with coins, as soon as you’ve got a lot of missiles flying around.

  1. Activate Fever Mode

Near-misses are not only helpful for turning missiles in to golden. They fill a fever pub on the left side of the display up. Fever is going to be triggered when the bar is complete. All missiles that float in your path will blow up when in fever mode. You can crash to the obstacles, and they’ll explode rather than you. See whether you can activate fever mode at the same time you’ve got a good deal of missiles after you. It’ll be enjoyable to see these coins fly out of fever mode.

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  1. Update The Power-Ups

There are many power-ups offered in Tracked! , however, you’ll never know which one that you will get, therefore it’s a fantastic idea. Upgrades will have consequences on electricity ups. Updating the magnet and their range will be increased by the shield. Their shots per second increases, letting you shoot should you upgrade the firearms.

  1. The Way to Remove

Since Tracked! Is a game, you can expect a flood of advertisements to come your way. It can be quite distracting once you’re currently playing, so it’s wise if you eliminate them. The first solution is to cover the premium edition of the game. For $2.99, you’ll have the ability to eliminate all of the ads indefinitely while helping the programmers at precisely the exact same moment. But you can opt for the second alternative if you do not have the money to spare. Switch your device to the match and plane mode won’t have the ability to launch any advertisements.

  1. Unlock More Skins

Skins are fine ways to change up your appearance, and you will unlock them at no cost. You can buy skins. You have to accomplish the requirement. As an instance, if you would like that the UFO you want to become at least 250 coins in one game. Then you need to ram 30 missiles if you’d like the kiwi. Using charges can unlock the smiley. There are skins that you unlock. Just keep enjoying the game so as to unlock all of them till you reach requirements.

Dodging missiles is an exciting way to earn points! Be sure that you follow our assortment of Tracked! Tricks, tips and cheats and you will get high scores!


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