Colin Lane Games’ brand new game for iOS and Android apparatus is named Big Shot Boxing. As we explained in our first plan guide for your sport, this is an arcade boxing game in which you have to decide on a fighter, handle his livelihood from the floor since he works his way upward, and also make sure he gets the most from his boxing career, accentuating his stats, and dealing with the aftereffects of personality aging. As previously explained, this game boasts of shocking thickness, and that’s the reason why we created you, and afterwards on two manuals to cover each one of the hints we feel are required to help players achieve success while enjoying with this name.

The very first guide we made to the game was primarily centred on intermediate hints, with a lot of beginner gaming guides throw in for the first-time participant. And while we are not becoming too advanced for all of you gamers out there, this really Big Shot Boxing strategy manual does concentrate on a couple more hints we were not able to pay in the first manual — naturally, we are going to be providing you with a few advanced suggestions for combat plans, but we have attempted to run the gamut with those hints, since there could be a beginner or intermediate suggestion we all forgot to mention at the first players’ manual!

big shot boxing game guides

  1. Rage-Quitting Is An Alternative

That is a suggestion we probably need to have covered in our beginner/intermediate manual, but we may too bring this up, in case you’ve considered doing so previously. According to our observation, there does not seem to be some punishment from the sport for rage-quitting, so if you would like to block your fighter out of ageing and would like to maintain your undefeated record, it appears fine to force-quit the sport — it is a player. AI title anyways, using no multiplayer mode, so no one really gets influenced should you rage-quit in Large Shot Boxing. Cease before you get counted out, or stop anytime before the last decision is given out from the judges — it does not matter, the game seems to make it, at least for the meantime.

  1. Focus on Your Coach’s Advice

From time to time, you’ll notice your mentor giving you some guidance regarding the fighters you must ideally be fighting next. More frequently than not, the man is on the degree, as he does provide some insight to the soldiers and their fighting mode. Utilize this info to your benefit, as you just may be getting warned of a fighter and his mortal knockout punch power, or cautioned that a particular fighter likes to dance around the ring and then struggle from outside!

  1. You May Actually Trap Everybody But The Best 2 Opponents Against The Ropes

Assuming you have enough Power, and supposing that your Chin and Health are equally in strong degrees or better, then it is really possible in Novice problem to bulldoze your way contrary to all but the best 3 opponents, by simply putting your telephone on a level surface, then quickly shifting the Jab and Uppercut button since you attempt to trap them at a corner, thereby letting you hit them with an Uppercut while they have got nowhere to go. This is a superb way to pick up the simple win AND pick up the knockout (though as we mentioned from the first manual, knockouts seem to be immaterial), but only up to a certain degree.

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  1. The Way to Grow Your First Title

By this, we are speaking to the Novice Championship, which you should ideally be shooting for a while the boxer is 31, 32, or 33. Attempting to possess him go to it while he is 30 or younger may maintain him horribly unprepared. However, 31-33 appears like an excellent age range. So with this said, let us take a peek at ways to win your first name in the sport, after working your way into the top reaches of these ranks, winning all of that prize money, and creating all those updates.

The ideal thing to do is to merely fight smart. As we mentioned previously, moving toe-to-toe is no more the perfect plan of action, since the champ (presumably Gerard Steele) packs a great deal of electricity within his punch, while using a good deal of health issues and steady recovery in between rounds. We have noticed that his chin at the game does not appear to be THAT great (though far from poor), but do not allow a stun or a flash knockdown permit you to get overconfident. Your goal here is to win, and if you would like to play it smart, you’re going to want to beat the champ on things, unless he is at a place where you are somehow able to decrease his health to under a quarter of this pub. (Even then, he can still surprise you having a knockdown!))

  1. The Downside of Aging

As we said in our first Big Shot Boxing strategy manual, your boxer ages annually per three struggles, so if he’s got a beginning age of 25, he is likely to be 35 by the time he has fought his 30th battle, and 40 at the time he has fought his 45th. Your fighter should have no trouble whatsoever while he is still young and capable, but you would not wish to reach a stage where your fighter is older than 35 but yet to win a tournament. That is because that is if you will notice that your fighter’s stats was moving down on time, a definite effect of the fact that he’s getting up there in age. At the best interest of finishing more accomplishments, you would not need to retire your fighter in 40, and it might even be better when he is champ at that moment, which means that you may tick off a few accomplishments. But be cautioned that the ageing mechanic will make your personality fight very similar to what you would expect from somebody his age, so if he is long in the tooth, expect him to reveal his era in the ring.

  1. The Way to Unlock More Fighters

This is quite simple — if you wish to unlock more fighters, then you will want to make more Career Points. That usually means racking up more wins, no matter if they are via conclusion or through KO; losses and draws do not count here, but the fantastic thing is that you don’t get docked possibly for losing to an AI competition. The lowest priced fighters here, apart from the 3 inventory fighters which are offered from the onset of the match, will cost you 10 Career Points, however as their stats get better, they also get older, together with the price in Career Points additionally increasing. Most fighters from the sport can be unlocked by simply spending Career Points.

  1. When Should You Attain Your First Fighter?

So as to unlock a new fighter, you will first have to retire your preceding fighter and finish your current game. On one end, you can wait till you have racked up at least 25 wins (25 Career Points) so that you may find a few excellent fighters to your following play-through, even in the event that you have not yet made it as champ. But we do not see anything wrong with purchasing a personality who prices 15 Career Points or less and beginning from the very beginning — you are always going to be getting somebody younger or better no matter if you unlock a new fighter!

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  1. What Exactly Does Quick Match Do?

Beneath the Career button, you will notice another button which only says Quick Match. This is the location where you wish to go if you are attempting to test your hands at using distinct fighters — the sport somehow randomizes your personality and that of your competitor, so be ready to control anybody at any moment! But more to the point, Quick Match ought to be utilised as practical reasons for Career manner, since it is the best case for you to test out new approaches without fear of including a reduction for your document!

  1. Strategies For Fighting In Guru Difficulty

In regards to Guru difficulty in Large Shot Boxing, that is where you might be better off waiting till you have saved up enough career points, and perhaps even acquired a Novice name, which means that you may find some of the better characters available in the game. Having somebody like Benny ‘Connor or even Roddy Savage accessible right away in Guru will provide you with a fantastic advantage over the competition, particularly on your first few struggles!

Using a stat benefit means more than ever when you are playing in Guru, and it’ll no more be as simple as trapping your opponent against the ropes unless you are up against the most fabulous scrubs of all of them. Early on, you’re going to want to play it smart and fight for the win, although not paying attention/paying little focus on KO chances. Aside from that, there is nothing much that distinguishes Guru from Novice, except that it is harder.


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