2048 Bricks – Best Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

2048 Bricks is the puzzle game Programmer Ketchapp for iOS and Android apparatus. The sport is a blend of the classic Tetris as well as the 2048 mechanics. Rather than slipping round tiles to merge boxes, you’ll be dropping them. They will be combined by cutting a pipe. They will be stacked by dropping a slab on a single having a number that is different. In case the surface is reached by the heap of tiles, the match is finished. As you won’t have the ability to choose you’ll have to be creative and resourceful. You will understand what tiles comes alongside, which means you’ll have to think fast. Do not worry, if you end up unable to find a high score. You can rely upon to increase your score!

2048 bricks - review master gary

  1. Get New Tile Skins

Coins are 2048 Bricks’ currency. These can be Used to unlock new skins to your own tiles. It is possible to purchase tiles that are zigzagged round tiles, and much more. Each skin prices around 200 coins. You can do this by playing with games if you wish to make coins. You can watch advertisements. There’s absolutely no limit to the number so by watching in case you’ve got a great deal of time; then you can unlock all of the tiles.

  1. Spin To Win More

Besides watching advertisements for 50 coins each, the game Allows you to gamble a bit by including a wheel decoration option. If you would like to have a shot at getting coins, or possibly a new skin, then just scroll over to some of the tiles. Then you’ll be prompted to spin the prize wheel in exchange. Bear in mind that coin decorations in the wheel may vary from 5 to 100 coins which means you might wind up getting much less from your wheel.

  1. Stack Tiles Strategically

Tiles with the amounts will mix when Piled together. As an instance, in case you’ve got an 8-tile in addition to a 16-tile, falling another 8-tile at the top will unite both 8 to a 16, then both 16’s will unite to a 32. It is a great idea to stack the tiles in which the amounts are in the base. This way, when you merge the tiles, it could possibly produce a chain reaction, and the tiles will merge.

  1. Move Beyond 2048

By planning for only 2048 don’t restrict yourself. If You’re You may produce tiles which are beyond the 2048 tile. It’s possible to combine two 2048 tiles. Insert another 4096 along with it to make an 8192. It is possible to keep going for as long as you have room for tiles. It might sound intimidating at first, but you may observe that it is possible to attain such amounts if you have a look at the leaderboards.

  1. See An Ad To Keep

Similarly, out of Ketchapp to other matches, you have the choice To find out where you left off by viewing a movie advertising. You can do this once so be certain it counts. If you wish to push it farther and have a higher score, go ahead and see an advertisement. But you made a mistake, and if your score is low, you may want to start over rather than continuing with a set of piles.

Continue on shedding those tiles, and also aim for the best score in 2048 Bricks! Follow the tips and tricks listed above, and You’ll be Scaling the leaderboards!


Techniques to earn coins in assassins creed rebellion

assassins creed rebellion guide

Role-playing games are high in demand because they can fulfill your esteem needs as well. You can also do many things which are not possible to do in present time. For this, you can also try assassins creed rebellion game.

The fun of playing a game increases in many folds when so many characters are involved. You can find all these things in assassins creed rebellion game and have unlimited fun and entertainment.

By playing this game you can learn many things like making coordination among the different type of characters and doing the analysis of present situation and resources.

In assassins creed rebellion game, you can also increase the level and power of the characters through various activities. There are more than forty different characters available in this amazing game and every character of the game possesses different power and skills.

You can also enhance their skills by spending some coins and another form of gaming currency. In order to gain more gaming currency, you will need to win some battle and accomplish some mission. Not every type of character is suitable for different missions and battles.

Thus you will have to be very specific while choosing the different type of characters while sending your team on the mission. The team of different characters is called brotherhood in this game. So in simple words, you are supposed to make your brotherhood more powerful and skillful.

The player is also expected to get engaged in the constructions activities. Gradually the player will be able to increase the size of his brotherhood and then you need to expand the size of your headquarter. For this, you must be able to create more room, collect more equipment and medical treatment for the heroes of your team.

assassins creed rebellion review

Earning more coins

There are several other ways of gaining success and earning the unlimited coins and other benefits. You can also spend the real world money to buy the in-app purchase or use the assassins creed rebellion hack no human verification which is available free of cost.  With these strategies, you can easily gain quick success in assassins creed rebellion game and be a winner.

Complete mission

You should also try your best to complete the first mission as soon as possible. In this, you will be able to learn about the various techniques and moves.

With the help of this, you will be able to defeat Templars. Templars are the enemies and they are on the evil side.  In order to win you will have to smart enough and deal with them effectively.

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Learn new style to combat

Learning about the combat style is also very necessary to taste the victory in this game. Most of the player ignore this and get disappointed later by their performance.

Well, you can make a difference and enhance your capabilities to defeat the opponent. For this, you should be able to kill the enemy by making a single move.

Your role in this game is designed to do the assassination. So you can also attack your enemy from the back and do your task without making any noise. This way you will be having more chance to accomplish your mission.

Dune Game Review – Jump With Life

dune guide

French game Programmer Voodoo has outdone itself when it created Dune! In only a couple of months, the game has quickly turned into one of the most well-known games on Android along with iOS devices. Dune’s allure lies in its simplicity. You’re in control of controlling a ball, also making it leap more than sand dunes. Controls are incredibly simple to comprehend, but requires hours upon hours of practice to learn. You have to tap and hold on the display to gain momentum, then release just because the ball rolls up the dune to make it soar. Of course, landing properly is also a part of this offer. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you already are aware there are balls and backgrounds which are available for you to unlock. We’ve made this Dune! Strategy guide to assist you unlock all of them. If you need tips and tricks for succeeding in the game, but you may read our previous Dune! Guide

  1. All Collections

There are 3 varieties of collections in the game. The first One is your chunk collection, and it contains the number of skins for you to unlock. The second sort is your dune collection. It changes the overall look of the ground along with dunes in this game. You have the background collection. This changes the background image of this point. Unlocking the majority of these usually require reaching certain milestones in the game. A number of them will require a bit of skill and fortune, like the ones who require you to hit on the moon a certain number of times. One of them requires an in-app buy, therefore it will be impossible to finish without shelling out a bit of money.

While there is no reward for completing all of the collections, It is enjoyable to really do. Since the game is quite straightforward, getting fresh skins add replay value. Having something to aim for could help keep you motivated to continue playing this game. Aside from being in a position to show off the different skins which you have such as chunks, dunes, and backgrounds, you can consider such as in-game trophies. Attempt to finish them. Whether you’re into changing up the appearance of the game, or would just like to have more achievements in the game, unlocking everything includes a degree of challenge that may keep things interesting for hours and hours.

  1. Getting More Balls

There are chunks for you to unlock. Ball’s Kind You use doesn’t have some impact on the way you play the game, however it is interesting to dress it up once in a while. Additionally, considering how difficult it is to uncover a few of them, you get bragging rights for getting all of them. We listed under the different balls you’ll be able to get, and the best way to unlock them.

dune tips and tricks

Orange Sun: Unlocked after playing 10 games

Basketball: Unlocked after jumping 2,000 times over multiple games

Rainbow Beach Ball: Unlocked after scoring 100 points in a single game

Black Sun: Unlocked after landing easily 2,000 times over multiple games

All Dark Ball: Attain the Moon 1,000 times over multiple games

Unicorn Cat: Access and Update!” By going on the moon six times in one game

Heart: Unlocked after playing two days in a row

Angel Emoji: Unlocked after reviving five times

Soccer: Assessing without touching the display

Skull: Maintain the ball still for many moments

Star: Unlocked after reaching outside space for the first time

Record: Move backwards on hills until it has unlocked

Red Sun: Use five different chunks

Green Sun: Use 10 different chunks

Blue Sun: Use 15 different chunks

Glowing Green Sun: Utilize the Rest of the balls

  1. Unlocking More Dunes

Balls are not the things Which You Can dress up in the game. Would not it be amazing if you may mix and match slopes with the ball you’re using? If you concur that it’s a fantastic idea, have a look at the list below to how it is possible to unlock the dune designs which are available in this game. Do not be concerned about keeping tabs on the amount of points or jumps which you produce. The game will notify you as soon as you’ve unlocked something fresh.

Green Dune: Unlocked after playing 100 games

Brown Dune: Unlocked after jumping 20 times in a single game

Obtain a total of 10,000 points within multiple games

Cyber Grid: Unlocked after landing easily 20 times in a single game

Moonscape: Unlocked after reaching the moon a total of five times in a single game

Icy Landscape: Unlocked later going past the moon 300 times over multiple games

Pink: Unlocked after playing for 3 consecutive days

  1. How to Buy New Backgrounds

Of course, if you have matching balls and dunes have to receive the right background to fill out the scene. There are backgrounds available for you to unlock in this game. As with the previous 2, using a different background doesn’t impact your game in any manner. No matter unlocking everything is still an achievement you’re able to aim for. We’ve listed the different backgrounds available for the own reference.

Darker Background: Simply perform with two games

Saturn in the Sky: Unlocked after playing a total of 300 games

Volcano and Meteors: Unlocked after jumping 40 times in a single game

Beach: Unlocked after getting 10 points in a single game

Cyber: Unlocked by landing easily 10 times in one single game

UFO: Unlocked by reaching the moon 10 times in a single game

Icy World: Obtain this by going past the moon to the first time.

Castle Crush – New Replacement For The Battling Passionate’s

castle crush tips

Castle Crush Game Tips And Guides

Are you tired of playing clash of clans or clash royale? Do you need someting more interesting and more intense? Then it is time for you to try out the best new battle game of this year. Try out castle crush and it is my guarantee that you will never play any other game after playing this masterpiece.

There are best tips and tricks you should know about castle crush game which may help you playing it more effectively. There are very much similarities in clash royale and castle crush game. However, here are some effective tips and tricks for castle crush you should know.

Get Off To a Fast Start

Once it comes to beginner strategies in Castle Crush, the first thing to do is to pay careful attention to this tutorial. After that tutorial’s finished, the opponents you are going to need will be opponents, and since you might know from such games, individual players are a lot more unpredictable than artificial intelligence.

The very best method to improve your odds of beating these individual opponents is to return to a solid beginning. That usually means favoring a more offensive style of play, contrary to that which we advise players about protection being the best crime. You might perform a series of cards that your opponent isn’t ready for, and that is going to render them playing catch-up with one to get the entirety of this conflict. Momentum is key here, and once you throw your opponent off (hopefully) with the offensive fashion, you need to remain on the offensive, while introducing a few defensive motions to your picture. Check out some more castle crush cheats which may open the new doors of opportunities in the game for you. Several have proposed deploying a ton of troops to function as decoys, prior to sending in the higher-cost troops along with catching the opponent by surprise.

Utilize All Three Lanes

This is something which you most likely know if you’re a CCG/TCG veteran, however in the event you are not, we ought to remind you that using all 3 lanes is a fantastic approach to get off to a fantastic offensive beginning. Having more lanes insured means more for the opponent to be concerned about. Avoid making one lane seem more stacked than the other things out over all 3 lanes. You would not need a bomb getting rid of a lane, so because that may give the opposition a lot harder to operate with.

For the time being, these are our tips and tricks to get Castle Crush. Make certain to check back from time to time, as we will update this guide with additional hints in the future!

Walking Dead Road to Survival – Strategy guide

walking-dead-road-to-survival tricks

Best use of game currency

There are different types of entertaining sources selected by individuals. All are not capable to provide lots of entertainment by which your life becomes full of enjoyment and so on. In case you are playing Walking Dead Road to Survival then you never face lack of entertainment.

The main key of entertainment in this particular game is the idea of design. In the game, you are required to walk ahead and by clearing all zombies. For making this particular game journey easier and favorable you should choose powerful weapons.

To upgrade or increase the strength of weapons and character you need to spend some amount of materials. The Materials are collected by game players for the training purposes of survivors. So, you should spend it wisely on other things and upgrade the beneficial characters only.

You should avoid upgrading the characters those are used by you rarely. Character those are used by you regularly for fights, you should upgrade them first. Before finalizing the decision and finally pay materials you should get information about things those are increased.

Role of storage units

The storage unit is a type of building that is added in mainly city building games. These units help the players in storing the huge amount of currency without any type of issue. Every game player should pay attention to this particular building.

Some game players avoid its existence and focus only on the upgrade of weapons & survivor. In case, your storage unit gets full and you are earning more currency then you are not able to collect that amount. Its reason is lack of storage capacity.

the walking dead tricks

If you want to avoid the above-mentioned condition then you should upgrade your storage units time to time. In this way, you never face loss related to game currency. By it, you are able to store huge amount of materials or food in these units to upgrade the other game stuff.

It means lack of storage capacity also affects the upgrading process of survivor and weapons for unlocking some new skill & abilities. When you are upgrading the all things properly at that time you can easily achieve game objective by avoiding numerous hurdles.

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Collection of game currency easily

In the game, some missions are assigned to you and you should pay attention to these ones before playing any battles or fight. These missions have some different types of elements and tagged with an amount of currency. When you complete the mission in that condition that amount received by you.

You should put whole efforts for achieving these objectives and take help from upgraded weapons. On some achievement, you are able to receive an amount of currency. These achievements are related to level up of game profile and so on.

In all above-mentioned ways of earning game currency, players need to invest lots of time and efforts. If you are availing the services of walking dead road to survival hack apk then you can get game currency effortlessly. In this way, you can also save the precious time.

Basic Information Related To Marvel Puzzle Quest


An introduction To Game

Everyone wants to get lots of entertainment and for it, they choose different ways. Some are listening to music, watch movies and some are playing games. There are different types of games available on the internet. The Marvel Puzzle Quest is the best one from all of them.

By playing this particular game you can get lots of entertainment. In the game, you are operating the marvel characters. Game is completely based on different marvel stories and you are playing the role of heroes. Similarly, the villains of same story-line appear as challenges.

You can easily install this particular game from the internet, publishers launch it on different platforms. It is the biggest reason by which you are able to get entertainment from it in several ways. If you love to play games on game consoles then you can easily do it.

The game console lovers are able to enjoy it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For it, you are required to visit the respective app provider and install it on device such as; PS store for PlayStation users.

Know more about Marvel Puzzle Quest

When you are playing the game at that time victory is very important for collection of currency. After winning a match you are able to receive an amount of game currency as the victory bonus or reward. In this way, you can collect the desired amount and achieve the aims of game.

The game includes two types of currency and the earning process of both is not so easy. The ISO-8 and hero points are two currencies of game. You need to put lots of efforts for getting its amount and utilize them to get progress in game.

marvel puzzle quest guide

In case, amount of currency is not sufficient and you need big amount urgently then you should visit the in-app store. Here you get an option to buy funds and add in game account. On the hand, for this particular consideration, you are required to pay the amount of real money.

If you want to save hard-earned real money then you should consider marvel puzzle quest hack no human verification is there and that is the good thing you can expect. With its services, you can credit game account with required amount of currency. It is the easiest way for this particular task.

How to perform any move?

In game, some Marvel characters are representing you and the controls of these characters are in your hands. You are required to make good matches for using powerful attack on opponents. In this way, you may cause more damage to opposite players and increase the chances of victory.

For it, first of all, you are required to match the gems of different colors properly. Every special or best move is pointed with a specific color. So, you should match the gems according to the requirement of move.

On the board of game, there are six colors or types of gems are available. Before start playing the game, you need to get information about all color combinations and their outcome move.

How To Collect Unlimited Diamonds In My Singing Monsters?

Basics of My Singing Monsters Game

My Singing Monsters is the most popular game these days and the reason is its awesome gameplay designed and developed by Big Blue Bubble. You can download this game on your smartphone and this thing is totally free.

If you want to earn game resources like coins and diamonds then you need to learn pure basics because this thing matters the most in earning resources from common things. This is really easy if you play using basics but if you want to be an expert player then you should learn a couple of things.

Finding the alternative to earn resources is an important thing and my singing monsters hack tool can help you out in this thing because this program is designed to provide unlimited resources. You can avail unlimited coins and diamond with ease by using this program couple of times.

There is no need of downloading this program because you can start using it with the help of any web browser. Well, this thing reduces the risk of downloading a file which may have malicious codes or virus in it.

How To Play Like Experts?

If you have checked out the reviews of expert gamers then you may know that what helped them to the most. Well, if you want to be the top player and an expert gamer then you need to learn the pure basics first and then coming up with your own method is important.

However, if you are beginner then you can learn some tips and tricks. Leveling up is the main thing and this isn’t easy until you know proper strategy to do this thing. Singing and making music is the main thing you need to do in the game but in reality, this thing won’t help much.

Food is the main requirement and completing the required help in progression. If you want to level up faster then feeding will be helpful in this condition. Beginners can do this thing with ease because, in the beginning, the game is offering you very few type of food which is easy to distribute.

On the other hand, keep on completing levels and leveling up make this game harder and you will get to know about the hard things you have to do.

Things To Consider While Breeding  


Breeding is the main thing in this game and there is no option provided for beginners. If you are on level one then the thing you need to keep in mind is regarding level up. If you want to breed your monster then reach on level four as soon as you can. This is really easy and most important.

Singing monsters can reach to level four with the help of food that’s why using two elements will help in progression. After breeding, you can focus on crafting buildings. If you are able to spend little time, then try to keep these buildings busy as much as you can.

The progressing take time and if you want all other things done when you are away, use crafting building to alleviate this issue.

Number Of Elements

There are many elements required in order to breed monsters. If you are breeding your monsters for the first time then you should make sure that breed double element monsters. This is really easy and helpful in breeding.

Beginners have to spend single element and they can unlock new monsters but when all the elements are available, then this is the time to breed two elements. Make sure that you use the right ingredient to avoid the risk of getting into any trouble. This thing is too much important and plays the important role.

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Unlocking More Food

There are many types of food available in this game and if you progress then it will keep you helping you by unlocking more foods. More food means that you have to take care of more things. There are many things you have to keep in mind.

Vault is the next thing after food because this thing matters the most in becoming an expert in petting monsters. Well, you can do this thing with the help of resources. This is really easy until you are at higher levels.

There are lots of levels and this is important that you will be focusing on this thing otherwise you can end up playing on the same level without progressing much.

How To Earn Digistone And Cluster In DigimonLinks?

digimon links game

Learning The Basics of Digimon Links

Bandai Namco is the popular studio which gains its fame with the awesome game called as Digimon Links which was launched a few months ago. The RPG game is popular due to its awesome interface and visuals that’s why most of the gamers are playing it.

This free to play the game is available for IOS and Android devices but you are able to spend money as you need to because there is nothing possible without Digtone and Clusters. You have to earn cluster to save the world and this thing can be done with the help of Digimon.

The gamers have to manage Digimon farm and if you are good in this thing then this is the time to participate in the 3v3 battle. As you begin to play this game, Hina introduces you to the world of Digimon. You have to back up your farm so that you can use it to raise Digimon.

The Method To Earn Digistone And Cluster

You are able to earn Digistone and cluster with ease but you need to know the method of earning it. There are a couple of methods which can help you earn cluster and digistones. Well, the most loved one is playing daily task and event.

You can rely on some alternative methods like Digimon Links Hack No Survey which is a program and it is completely web-based. It can be used to acquire free cluster and digistone. Well, there is nothing better than gaining something without paid spending a penny.

This program is the safest and personally, I have used it many times. The first time I used it, I wasn’t sure that this is a safe method or not but in the end, I gained thousands of resources. Reviews are the only thing which helped me know that which one is safe.

You can also get started with its use but you need to make sure that you should consider safety precautions while using it. Otherwise, this can be harmful and you will lose your account in hope of free resources.

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Rolling To Avail Different Digimon

The developers provided you the option to reroll so that you can get a Digimon from the starting. Well, this is the good thing but not enough because this is completely wastage of time and very few people use it. This is strongly recommended that don’t roll unless you need it.

Digivolve is something which can help you to reach your Digimon to reach on next level. After reaching the Digimon level at max, you are able to see words under the Digimon and you are able to tap on it. There is multiple types of Digimon so you can evolutes you Digimon into any evolution you want.

By tapping on it, you are able to check out that which kind of evolution you can do and choose the one which seems right to you. If you transform your Digimon, you are able to choose the type but you have to farm the required things for the evolution.

Things You Should Know About Steam Wallet Codes

steam wallet codes guide

Basic Things About Steam Codes

Steam is the most popular gaming platform which is able to provide you best games on computers. Well, the computer is the new trend to play HD graphic realistic games and steam is the best source for it. You can download steam on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and many other platforms.

This is a paid platform which means that if you want to download anything on steam, then you have to pay for it. This is a social gaming network which is used by millions and the good thing regarding this platform is a steam wallet.

There are lots of gamers who don’t have a credit card and they aren’t able to purchase games online due to this thing but they can purchase a steam gift card which can help in availing steam balance and purchasing games.

On the other hand, you can get the code for the steam wallet. There are many steam wallet codes hack which can help in getting steam wallet fund without spending a single penny. This is easy and helpful in playing awesome games as well as collecting them to sock others with your collection.

So, What’s The Method To Redeem Steam Codes?

Those who have steam wallet gift card or the code but don’t know that how to redeem it can learn the method of redeeming by visiting the official website of steam. There are many methods to do this thing but the one which can help you out is computer one.

Open steam in your PC and there is the account button in the upper right corner. Click on it and open settings to get started. Find the redeem option and enter the unique code to transfer it into your account. Click on Redeem button after entering the code.

Wait for a couple of seconds and when the code is processed, check out your steam balance. This will help you know that the new fund is added to your account or not. There is three type of cards basically which are 10, 25, 50 and 100 $ one.

steam codes for free

Now, This Is The Time To Purchase Games Using This Wallet But How To Browse For Top Games?

As you are using steam, so you may know about the category section. You can find top games option next to the category button. Click on this and browse for awesome games. If your steam wallet isn’t enough to purchase the game you are planning for, and then use more gift cards.

Using high-value gift card, you can redeem your account with a good amount and later on, you are able to purchase the expensive game. This is something you can enjoy due to the free steam wallet card codes. You are able to purchase games to your friends and other with the help of your own steam balance.

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Well, this is the time to enjoy the game because everything is done and you can focus on playing. The methods available online to get free balance are helpful but avoid websites which claim to be awesome.

Be The Best Player In Crash Arena Turbo Stars

crash arena turbo stars game

Secrets To Know About CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars

ZeptoLab is popular in designing and developing action games and the most popular one these days is Crash Arena Turbo Stars. This is an awesome action game which has lots of things to do.

The game is available for Smartphone’s both platforms Android as well as IOS. There are millions of people who have played this game and this is also known as with other name CATS. The game is rated as 4.6 for Android and the same rating is for IOS devices.

The game is awesome but you need to earn resources in the game which is little hard because there are very methods to do this thing. If you are not able to earn resources then you can spend money and get this issue elevated. This is the best method to get started.

Well, spending money isn’t the right option for many people so what to do in this condition. Well, there is an alternative which can alleviate this issue with ease and everyone use this method.

How To Earn Coins And Gems In CATS?

CATS offer you many methods to earn resources but you can rely on some external methods to avail resources. Use CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars hack and get started with its use to avail resources.

This is a free to use the program so you don’t have to spend a single penny and it is also safe to use because there are many safety features given in this program. You can get started with its use from your smartphone as well as you can use your computer and Mac.

If you are not able to get what you want in the game then this thing will help you out. You can buy everything you need in the game.

You have to create the battle robot so you need to collect resources for this purpose. You can come up with best methods and strategies. The strongest robot can be created with the help of coins and gems. You need resources and everything is done.

Collect Enough Resources and Make Upgrades

cats crash arena turbo stars battle mode

You have to collect coins and gems. Don’t use it until you need it. If you find any issue in winning and you are not able to precede then this is the time you have to upgrade using coins and gems.

Earning coins are relatively easy with this game. You should try out quick fight and win streak. This is the best method to grab resources. You are given a regular box on wining and you have to win continuously in the Quick fight.

There are no chances that you can get gems directly so you have to wait for a regular box and when you open it then you are able to earn coins, gems and parts. You are able to upgrade your car or robot with the help of such parts and these are costly if purchased with virtual currency.

You can enter the championship and if you win then you will a huge amount of coins and gems. This is an awesome method and it is helpful in many ways. You are able to earn few gems and if you consider a number of coins then it is higher than any other method.

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Upgrading The Parts

As you create a robot then you may be wondering the perfect time to upgrade robot’s parts. Well, you need to consider a couple of things before getting started with upgrades. Not every time you need the upgrade. You have to consider this thing in mind that when you are not able to destroy opponent robot then you should upgrade parts.

There are lots of things you can equip and dominate an opponent. This is really easy because you need a tactic of playing. If you have a powerful robot and you are using right strategy then you will win for sure. Everyone has own style of playing so you have to come up with your own to win.

You can get rid of the enemy with your robot but if you find that your robot is losing then it’s the time to upgrade and you can win with upgrades.